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Ariel X is THE fittest porn celebrity with an exercise regimen that will make Navy Seals shake into their ninja boots. She’s ripped, dominant and pervy as hell, making her the absolute perfect trainer for this exceptional feature shoot -“Fitness Sex”. The trainee, Serena Blair, is unbelievably tough. Her own coaching entails controlling horses along with her quads within an equestrian rider, yoga, dancing and cardio. Serena understands what is necessary to push her body and mind, enjoys a challenge, also includes a kinky bent for pain mixed with pleasure, which makes her a perfect fit for somebody as grueling as Ariel X. Ariel begins Serena off with stretching and wind sprints on the hot roof surface of the Armory before exploiting Serena’s power in a pressure position while fucking her with all The Fucksall. This is a truly epic demonstration of endurance from Serena, that retains the plank posture for over FOUR minutes. Go ahead – try it – now try it with somebody fucking you! It’s difficult but Ariel knows to violate Serena is not going to take over a difficult yoga pose and also a modified drill. The last scene has sweat dripping down Serena’s back and over her round ass while she fights to fuck Ariel, squinting perspiration and pain from her eyes, combating her head to hold on for a little longer while Ariel buttocks. Quitting during a wind sprint is one thing, but neglecting during your trainer’s climax is punishable by total domination. Will Serena neglect?

Date: January 22, 2019
Porn stars: Ariel X / Serena Blair
Category: Domination

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