We ran to John E. one afternoon at the gym in our construction. During the night, he was fucking a conquest, and hadnt even been to bed yet. He came on to get to shoot the shit and a drink. Soon he chose to reveal a few sketches from his porno past he just happened to get with him. Turns out, that this hunk of man beef has plenty of experience in this sort of thing. He and his ex-girlfriend have worked at many adult films on the opposite coast.Still sweaty from the gym, John E. takes a fast shower and starts a sexy little display beneath the steamy sprays. A small soaping accompanied by a tugging, and that monster member was awake and raring to go. Back in the bedroom, then that he demonstrates he certainly has what it requires, and lays down to the mattress with a couple publications. A bit bored with all the publications, John E. peeks out the window over looking the pooland finds somewhat live inspiration that puts him overthe border. His cumshot had been a two parter, the initial blast hitting his stomach he reaches the bikinied babes outside, then he flops back on the bed and lets loose a few more spurts for good action. Smokin!

Date: April 5, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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