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His songs blasts while the pub patrons celebration below. After being booed by the audience no one that is too bad for Billy’s enjoying his music. He goes down to the bar and tells everyone to fuck off before spitting in their faces. The irate audience wrestles him to the floor and then jumps onto the fucker as he cries for assistance. They are pushed by the muscled dj off and attempts to make his way for the door. He is stopped by the men and pull him back to the floor with his hands . Billy’s passed around to beat him before throwing him onto the bar. Because the pig screams for help the guys hold him down as they flip him taking turns ramming their cocks deep. He’s dragged onto the stage jump in rope as Jessie Colter holds him down while Christian Wilde flogs him into the chant of their roaring audience crying:”FUCK THE DJ!” Billy’s dragged around crawling on his hands and knees, the crowd shoving at his head back and covering his face. The horny crowd holds down the whore on a table as a train runs gang fucking him and finishing him off of cum.

From: Boundinpublic.com
Date: February 4, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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