Gabe & Chris –


I hadnt heard from Gabe at a while. He began seeing a guy he actually liked. I knew why he couldnt do more work at the time and left him an open invitation to return if things changed.It was good he also took me up to the offer. Hes a bit old now, but hes still as lively as he was when he first showed up. He says that he likes Latin guys but I also understood that he would actually like Chris! They couldnt wait to get their hands on every other… Gabe was getting hard from the vehicle and Chris discovered. As it got harder and harder, he softly rubbed on Gabes cock. It didnt matter that we were on the way into the studio… Chris began sucking Gabes cock right then and there. They had a lively energy and I let them go in it. Chris was fucked by gabe with a little seriousness. By the time they had been done, Chris chest was sprayed down with tons of cum!

Date: November 27, 2019
Porn stars: Chris / Gabe
Category: Gay porn

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