Get in Those Feet –


The softest, most tender soles are the trademark of Princess Britney. However, they become hardened when Britney kicks you in your face. She has worn her boots for the entire day with her footbitch, and today she is kneeling in front of her. She is tired and sore in her feet. She asks for foot bitch and begins sucking on her toes.

To make sure she presses her feet against his faces, she attaches a leash and collar to her foot bitch. He can’t resist her brutal foot slaps. She obeys her foot bitch and starts to worship her feet full of enthusiasm. Britney is pleased and gives him a good kick. He licks her soles and she encourages him to do the same. This gives Britney the inspiration to press her feet into his forehead and march on his head.

She pushes against him, yanking on his leash. His neck was about to break. He was then finished by her repeated kicks to his face. Britney enjoys the slapping sound of her feet hitting foot bitch’s faces. He exists for her entertainment and pleasure.

Date: June 5, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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