Getting Ready –


Natalie Heart is at home getting ready for a night out with a new boy. Shes doing her make up and getting her gown when she receives a text from her very best buddy warning her to perform with her cute little pussy until the date or else she will go crazy tonight! Natalie goes back to the sack and places herself onto the bed, removing her clothes again showing her soft breasts and her lacy black panties. Natalie shows her curves. She peels off the panties and bends down on her knees to achieve her shaved pussy with her soft caressing hands. As if instantly, her palms are inside her, rubbing on the inside of her elastic pussy. She retains a rhythm up while rubbing herself. She thrusts two fingers deep within herself. Shes gets louder now, since the pleasure gets better with every push against her shaved pussy.She turns over to put back onto her pillows. With one hand on her tender breast, and two fingers deep within her, then she continues to hands, rub and finger the moist cavern. She lifts her hips higher quicker and faster to fulfill her fingers since they are penetrating her. The moaning persists because she gets closer to cumming along with a series of breaths and louder cries of joy she eventually cums along with every muscle in her entire body tenses up until a fantastic release of stress. The young lass is now ready for whatever the new boy has to throw , even when he arrives sooner than anticipated! She gets dressed in dread that she wont be prepared for when he turns up.

Date: August 3, 2019
Porn stars: Natalie Heart
Category: Small tits

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