Getting Stoned –


This week’s episode’s title is A’Getting StonedA. Doug Jeffries, a fan favourite, will get A’StonedA”. Doug Jeffries has been a frequent visitor to our website before and has amassed quite a following. Doug has a look and build that is almost as impressive as his father. Doug, 43, is from Los Angeles, CA. He is as genuine and hot as it gets. We are always grateful to him for being a joy to work with, so we decided to pair him with a hot Latin costar. Getting A’StonedA’ never looked so good. WeAre referring to John Stone, a sexy man. John Stone is 22 years old and hails from Florida. We have had Papi, a Colombian-mixed Papi on the site a few times; however, neither of them has ever met. We were fortunate to know someone working here, and we were able make it possible. We just had to put them together and the chemistry took care of everything. Doug is a prolific filmmaker and has been doing films for 13 years. When he recalls making videos at almost two per day back in his early days, he laughs. ItAs now mostly online work. John laughs while admitting that heAs only made one video, but they did cover him with the box cover. They have changed times and they will be changing their pace in the next few weeks as they become more familiar with each other. John is able to relax with Doug massaging his neck and shoulders. John groans and moans while Doug works on his shoulders. Then, Doug takes off his polo. He then lets his hands roam over his chest, before putting John face-down so that he has better access to the muscles and back. ThatA’s at least what A’weA’ thought. Doug quickly reach under John, pulls off his pants, and it is not long. JohnA’s muscular torso is visible and it is a stunning sight. Doug is quick to continue his A’massageA” but this time, he adds his tongue. JohnA is a smooth-smooth ass, and Doug slurps on JohnA’s soft tongue. John sighs in his approval. Doug is intoxicated by JohnA’s antics as he opens his thick cheeks and exposes his deep hole. John flips his head and allows Doug to access the last muscle he’s not yet worked. Doug’s got you covered. He slides JohnAA’s hard-cock down his throat. John is watching as Doug suckers on his cock, and can’t help but to pull out his cock to playfully hit DougA’s face and tongue. Then he stands up to face-fuck Doug. Mmmm. WhatA’s for dinner Mr. Jeffries? Now itA’s DougA who stands up and offers JohnA something to eat. John lovingly takes DougA’s cock and makes it rock, making his cock have a lot of fun. John takes a lap at DougA’s soft balls, which make him rock-hard and are ready to go for more. Doug gets ready and takes his place next to John. He then slides home with his rock-hard cock. JohnA’s sex gives way to the intruder and Doug is having a great time fucking deep. John grunts, and Doug grunts in joy. Doug keeps pounding his thick meat into JohnA’s smooth musculature. From DougA’s kneeling position, it’s amazing. Doug pulls John onto his back and flips him over. He raises his meaty legs and glides the thick cock back into that ass. John strokes his own head as his ass takes a beating a little below. DougA picks up his pace, pushing his dick deeper and faster as JohnA’s ass falls into JohnAA’s hot tums. He asks, “Are you close?” before pulling his heavy loads off to John. John explodes as the blast hits his chest and abdomen. Doug follows suit as well, shooting blast after blast over the rug and couch below. Whew. Now imagine if they were actually attracted!

From: menover30
Date: October 3, 2022
Category: Gay

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