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Welcome Sarah Shevon to Sexually Broken.

Sarah is just one of these girl next door types that reside right beside you. She carries groceries, also wears shorts, and a t-shirt. You have no idea, although you think is that she and look at her cute. We love taking these cum. Not just cum cum over and over, till they believe that they might pass out from the brutality of their orgasms. Each orgasm has stronger. The clit gets tires, never stops. She is turned into a crying, moaning cumbot 2000, when the woman is stuck on one. Orgasm after orgasm, the machine is persistent, turning the girls mind to mushher heart. Beautifully bound in a modified Japanesse box entrance, Sarah is totally helpless. Her pussy sits beneath the worlds most powerful vibrator, her weight holds the pussy in place. There is nothing she can do to squirm it off a bit, she’s in problem and she knows it. A exceptional rope gag retains our Girl Next Door set up, while the machine rips her brain. Suction cups expand her nipples and we clamp them out, yanking her forward. The rope gag is pulled upward. Sarah is captured, pulled in two different directions. Everything’s tightness flashes her mind as well as her orgasms grow stronger, her shouts deafening! We depart our little woman about the machine. Though her tired body, as another orgasm rips we walk away. Just how much more can you helpless woman take?

Date: February 13, 2019
Porn stars: Matt Williams / Sarah Shevon
Category: Bondage

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