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Serena Blair is a classic, petite HogTied version. The Pope loves to lure a girl like Serena into his lair and take advantage of her innocence that is . Quiet, unassuming good-girls Serena is fed upon by him. When they’re suppressed in rope bondage and abused with punishment his blood boils down into a rage that may only be satiated by the sounds of her cries for mercy as her delicate neck throttled and is being spilled. This is the life of a bondage and pain slut such as Serena. First she’s compelled to stand on the delicate tips of her toes as she dangles, suspended at the center of this room. Until it turns a piping hot shade of fire red her ass is spanked and flogged. Her body spasms from the pain and that she begs for it to stop. But The Pope requires strict discipline he trains and Serena must show her commitment to being a servant. The Pope then crams a vibrator onto her 15, after working her into a frenzy and she shrieks with horror. She begs and moans to cum right when she is at the peak of bliss The Pope denies her orgasm and chooses the hitachi away. Wasting little time he yells her while she helplessly spins around struggling to control anything else that is occurring to her and strings Serena up at a suspension that is full. He plays with her little perfect tits and destroys her pussy. Her skin is pulled taut in the burden of her body pulling which the slightest of movements sends pain throughout her entire body. Struggling to do anything except submit to this Popes hands’ sadism, she pleads and begs to cum and she’s finally allowed into the first of orgasms that seem to never finish and only intensify in magnitude. Accordingly her perky tits can be examined by The Pope She’s then flipped on her back. Having a hand choking her out he flogs and defeats front of her physique. She tries to go out of harms way and tenses but extreme bondage is inevitable and she is cant protect herself from the blows that are doms. She places broken out of the humiliation and pain of submission and chooses the punishment. The Pope puts her on her knees with her ass in the air, the her day to finish. He targets her athletic and toned buttocks and whips it. The bondage is fought against by her however is unable to avoid The Popes barbarous intentions. And, when she cant take one more hit, The Pope stimulates her dripping moist and swollen pussy with a vibrator. Her back arches and sweat pours out her body as she lets the profound growl of a woman possessed by the demon of reluctant and orgasms that develop ever more painful. The Pope walks away laughing at the sight of this sluts pity, as she places panting on the floor.

Date: May 27, 2019
Porn stars: Serena Blair / The Pope
Category: Slave

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