Glory Whores –


Seans if he sees Aspen from the mirror utilizing the local toilet. Sean turns he went behind the booth so he peeks in to see Aspen stroking his cock and walks up into the glory hole. They make eye contact and Sean waves him over to put his dick through the hole. Sean starts sucking it through the glory hole. This is an event and Sean is currently taking full advantage of this. Aspen cant think how great it seems to have a stranger sucking on his cock. He Seans mouth over and over again until a condom is slid by Sean through the pit. Aspen takes you look and rips it and slides it on his hard dick. Sean backs up his sleek rounded buttocks to the hole in shoving as far as he can go, and Aspen slowly slides. His balls are contrary to the cold wall as he fucks Seans tight ass over and over again. Sean does most of the leg work because he slips in and out slowly using his ass and momentum. Aspen cant take it any longer and comes around the other side so they could fuck on the bathroom floor. Sean takes a pounding till they erupt with their juices.

Date: November 18, 2019
Porn stars: Aspen / Sean Duran
Category: Gay porn

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