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Her redhead dominatrix partner Shauna Ryanne and sultry amazon domme Sophia Stone are hanging on the sofa talking they are with only playing boys. They both want a sexy girl to control. I don’t have any clue that they are femdoms and I move on to borrow some sugar. Suddenly Sophia cracks and stands her bullwhip at me. The whip is bent around my neck and that I struggle furiously to loosen its tight grip around my neck. I try to pry away the whip, however, Sophia brings it more challenging chokiing me. Shauna gets behind me and grabs my elbows and XXXX my mind into alluring Sophia&intense;s huge tits breast smothering me. Despite my attempts to eliminate, both dommes are far too strong for me and that I feel as I slide down to the floor out cold, that the room darkening. Shauna and sophia struggle over who’ll get to help keep me. I wake up to Sophia&severe;she XXXX me worship and to lick her stiletto high heels and s large figure standing over me. Shauna overpowers Sophia plus they wrestle on the ground until Sophia succumbs to extreme & Shauna;s power and passes out. Shauna pulls me to the sofa and XXXX me to kiss her till I am out and down again, and she overly breast smothers me. This time I awaken brutally goat roped with my elbows wrenched together behind my back. Sophia enjoy tormenting me by yanking the goat rope, and restricting my breathing. I gasp and choke and glowing red turns . I struggle and roll onto my side trying desperately to find some tension off my neck, but my efforts are futile. I am bound and helpless and at the mercy of this dominatrix.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: February 10, 2020
Category: General porn

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