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Keith and I had been talking since he arrived for his first video.As you could remember, he was the man who chose to go”hmmmm.” He said hed done guy-on-guy stuff earlier, but it was something of the past. OK. . .So we had been talking about getting him come back outside and it always appeared to be some thing. Girls. Work. School. Whatever.When I said that I was likely to Hawaii and wanted to take some guys with me to perform a couple of shoots and there nicely, all the difficulty disappeared, almost magically!Keith had told me that he would”entertain” the concept of putting his own dick up another men butt, but I had a different thought. I wanted him to get fucked first. He actually wanted to be the best, however that I had my mind made up. I can only imagine what went through his head. “Getting fucked. Hawaii. Getting fucked. Hawaii. “Needless to say, Hawaii won out.As Im sure most of you’ve guessed, my favourite Matt was on the invite list (how can he not be?) .And I wanted Matt to fuck Keith.You know exactly everything? Keith loved every second of itwhich, quite frankly, is no major surprise!

From: Seancody.com
Date: March 15, 2019
Porn stars: Keith / Matt
Category: Gay porn

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