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This is Tripps story of how he became inducted in the CJB Secret Fraternity….One night as I was walking from the library, I was abruptly taken from behind by a group of guys who proceeded to blindfold me. Whispering in my ear, I taunted me by saying, Dont worry, youre about to become one of us today… shooting me into their secret clubhouse, the blindfold was removed and I could not believe my eyes as the room was filled with the fittest jocks at the college. The guys stood ominously in a circle such as rabbits in ceremony or a magical rite, wearing black robes but for the fact they had huge boners outside and were jerking in a group! It became apparent to me that this was my initiation ritual and I was asked to take a place in the center and to enter the circle. The ritual contained a cumshot competition in which members were placed in the center, an activity which has henceforth been the focus for the entire group. It is made up of all of the boys jerking off in front of the members (and vice versa), with the very first to shoot his load much enough to really reach a guy on the other side given the good chance of finishing this initiation for newcomers by getting a welcoming blowjob. I must admit I would never forget that this blowjob!

From: Devicebondage.com
Date: April 6, 2020
Porn stars: Miss Jade Indica
Category: Gay porn

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