Helpless Hand Humper –


It has been demonstrated that a chastity slave can become so distressed from lack and its particular focus on actions suffers. These symptoms have been noticed by goddess Lily and decides it is time to him. It’s been a very long time since she let him so it will be hard to make him cum, but she loves to tease him. Obviously her house must be immobilized for the deed. He’s never permitted to touch his dick again that he has been created into a slave. The bondage allows her to freely chased the hell out of the cock that is dire but unworthy. It is not totally futile, but it can function to amuse her. She desires her slave to plead pitifully, as she takes him closer to the edge to hear the despair in his voice. It is a fun sport for Lily to bring him into the border to stop just before he cums. Even the smallest bit of a finger is sufficient to make him buck his hips to hump her hand that is . It is sad and pathetic that it gets Lily laugh. Before he didnt take it again how long can her distressed dick tease?

Date: January 31, 2020
Porn stars: Lily LaBeau
Category: Bdsm

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