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Hot small red head, Marie McCray, is back for more. We love her , sweet act that is innocent, but we also know how to bring her side . She starts off with her chest upside down, arms in strappado, against a pole. She’s suction tubes onto her nipples. Her legs have been tied spread open. There’s nothing she can do in order to stop our entry into butt and her exposed pussy. To begin with we flog her back, legs and pussy are red. Then we pull them out and then joins some abrasive twine round her swollen, blood engorged nipples , and eliminate the suction. Each time she moves her nipples are in torment. The slut starts going on her tip toes, so we choose to help her remain up there with the aid of an ass hook when we put up the hitachi for her pussy. The hook pulls her up, her nipples pull down her. We make her cum a few times, and we make her beg to get fucked just like a whore. She’s moaning and crying just like the helpless slut she is When her pussy is hit by the cock. But curiously, when the bondage tighten and leave her there, left, waiting for the time went to work with her, she yells louder.

Date: January 24, 2020
Porn stars: Marie McCray / Matt Williams
Category: Bondage

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