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I accepted at the countryside at a museum. It is boring and mostly requires me telling tourists and kids to not touch displays. Anyhow these men began messing around, and they sat on all that was touching and the seats. I informed them they couldn’t and they ought to get from the rope. Guess what happened Among them asked what I’d do in order to make them, suggesting a suck could convince him!! Well, I was over there in a flash and soon had four hard dicks to suck . Before I knew that I was bent over the display and getting shafted by two cocks although I jerked and sucked the other … Wow, it was so hot. Ahead of the supervisor saw me ass naked and covered in cum in the end I took four big, messy facials! I am looking for a different job but I’ve got good memories of my one!

Date: July 24, 2020
Category: Penetration

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