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After being out in the bush for several hours Mistress Kandy is now sitting down on a log, her slaveaEUR ™, below her. HeaEUR(tm), who is deep-rimming Kandy’s ass, needs to go for a sex. HeaEUR(tm), she said, while the camera moved to her backside. You can see the slave chewing on it as if there was no tomorrow. Kandy says that she wouldn’t sit on a dirty, rotten log and finds the face of the slave helpful. Kandy hears the birds and sees a plane flying overhead. But Kandy and her slave continue to go about their daily lives as though this was an every day occurrence. The slaveaEUR(tm), who is laughing, suddenly let out a loud fart. It is also an indication that she is starting to feel better and will soon be able feed her little girl and find some relief.

As Kandy sits on her full-weight, she mentions that aEURoeI had tacos and eggs today. Kandy is kicking for air but he wants Kandy to keep it up for as long possible. You look at her and she says: aEURoeIf I were there now, youaEUR ™ would be sucking my toes.aEUR You’re worshipping your feet and filling the mouth of a slaveaEUR ™. Kandy loves nasty things. AEURoeSomething will go wrong in his mouth, so IaEUR(tm), will pick it up from the ground and put it in my face. Kandy is excited to see two slaves at once. The slave is struggling to breath and thrashing about, but Kandy’s so focused on Kandy that she doesn’t notice. To make sure that all of her weight is on the face, she raises her legs. He is about to get a couple more farts. She shifts suddenly and covers her stomach. SheaEUR(tm)s getting close. AEURoeI enjoy fucking farting,” aEUR Kandy exclaims enthusiastically. You can see her pink, puckered anus as she pulls on her pants. He is served by Kandy, who sat down next to the slaveaEUR ™. AEURoe – When youaEUR ™, are done, IaEUR(tm), will lick your fucking arse clean. Kandy says.

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Date: October 6, 2022
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