Interview for a Cocksucker –



Jasmine, who is in her office, comments to Kandy on the men that are outside their building. Jasmine giggles, and says that she posted an advertisement online for a job and the first candidate was waiting at their reception. They both head to the reception area for their interview.

They meet David, and they sit next to him. They ask questions and he seems eager to help them get the job. Jasmine, Kandy and his wife laugh at him claiming he is a good speaker. They comment that they found out he had been in prison before doing a background check. It is likely that he received lots of practice in developing his oral skills in prison.

Kandy walks away and carries a limping gimp behind her. It’s now time to move on to the practical part of the interview. If David wants to move on to the next stage of the interview process, he must suck the gimp’s cock as well as demonstrate his oral abilities. Jasmine grasps David’s head, and pulls it four times into the gimps’s stomach. They make David laugh, and then they make him sucking and sucking like the tiny bitch that he really is. They command, “Use your hands to play with his balls.” They also make sure that the gimp does not cum. He’s not permitted to cum. For a long time, he has not been allowed to have an orgasm.

Jasmine, Kandy and David continue their interview. They are impressed by David’s sucking abilities. He will start in the mailroom, where there are many males who want to have their cocks sucking. He passes the test and can work in the female room. He then gets to test his skill on Jasmine and Kandy. David’s progress will be revealed over time.

Date: June 11, 2022
Category: Pissing

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