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Karen arrives at her instructor’s office for a few extracurricular instruction and can be pleasantly surprised by what she sees. Laid out on the desk are an assortment of disciplinary accoutrements that provide her both a concern and a shiver of anticipation. When Domina arrives fully decked out because the dominatrix she’s, she tickles Karen’s schooling as a slave and servant. First she strips the woman naked and sets her in a bondage harness. She proceeds to inspect some of the intimate areas of the young student producing a flush of the two embarrassment and excitement for the girl. Karen begins to cooo and ahhh because she is being treated by her newfound Mistress. Her lesson finishes with the use of her mouth and tongue sucking and licking on her Mistresses feet. In the part of foot servant.

Date: March 25, 2019
Porn stars: Madam
Category: Domination

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