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“So you appear to be a burly mountain guy!” Burke stated he had no issue getting naked and jerking away but he didnt need to shave his beard. “You know, Ive been known to cut some wood and wear flannel!” He joked.We a good time getting to learn Burke just a bit. Hes from the east shore but only transferred out into the west shore. “Ive always wanted to package my own begs and travel so I only recently bought a 1 way airplane ticket went for it!” “Are you happy you did it?” I inquired”Hell yeahhave you ever seen an east coast winter. Fuck that! “Burke got very comfortable really quick and began to tease the camera men a bit. “I really could use some help in this, I cant reach my backor balls!” He said into the camera men while he took a bath. You’re such a sin! “Burke just smiled and laughed. “Yeah, I understand!”

From: Lovewetting.com
Date: September 20, 2020
Porn stars: Izzy Delphine
Category: Gay porn

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