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“Im sweating from head to toe at the moment! “Jason was out of breath. Brodie had fucked silly him! “Definitely got a pretty good workout,” he said.Brodie needed a large smile on his face.The afternoon had started with the two of them horsing to a small bit.Even though Jason is kind of shy, he even took the direct, licking Brodies armpit.Then he made his way down into Brodies cock, where matters caught interesting!Jason deep throated Brodie until tears came from his eyes! “His penis is perfect,” Jason said, smiling at Brodie.Jasons facial expressions were very fascinating… they were sort of a mix between surprise and pleasure as Brodie clutching his bum!

From: Seancody.com
Date: November 15, 2018
Porn stars: Brodie / Jason
Category: Gay porn

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