Jeffrey & Donny –


Jeffrey’s soft-spoken and polite nature is evident when heAs completely clothed. HeA’s a strong, confident young man. Perhaps he could run naked every day. Half naked wasn’t enough for Donny to start. They are both physically active so I thought a run together would be a good way to bond them. Donny is a shy person so it was awkward initially. Once they got to be alone, Jeffrey’s smile lit up when Donny started having sex with Jeffrey. He would have done it while they ran, I believe. He wanted his jock strap off while he was having fucked… for at least a little bit. It was a desire to have an unplanned fuck session following a hard run. Jeffrey was able to hold onto the jock strap and pull DonnyA’s ans straight onto his cock. I also loved watching DonnyA’s cock bounce off his holes. It’s amazing to see a large muscled man moan while a smaller one goes deep.

From: seancody
Date: August 13, 2022
Category: Anal

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