Kissing A Girlfriend Turns.. –

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Alisson and megan get really into each other in this scene. They remain close from start to finish, never letting go and constantly kissing and looking eyes that are deep in their spouses. The kissing is extremely sensual as Megan can sense Alisson with a fire which assembles. She opens up her sexy revealing its moist, before slipping her hands inside to work Alisson to a powerful orgasm shiny clitoral hood. As she moans Megan passionately, her stimulation is clear, she wishes to worship her fan. Really she gets so into letting her hair drop, burying her face at Megans plump and sexy pussy, satisfying Megan she completely forgets the cameras are rolling and pushing her fingers to stimulate a powerful orgasm.

Date: May 29, 2019
Porn stars: Alisson Gregory / Megan Cox
Category: Fingering

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