Lady Nala Screams and Begs.. –


In a field near the coast on a bright and sunny day Mona Wales contributes Lady Nala toward a home. Nala shocks her stands company as Mona flogs and uses clothespin zippers onto her flesh. She teases orgasm after orgasm out of Nala from the hot sun! Mona tires with this teasing and decides to make a spectacle of Nala in front of her buddies a native BDSM club, at Rosas5. The audience is prepared to see this young lady squirt as they do not get to watch her dominated. Nala is hung by her ankles from the ceiling and as her pals and guest chant are shocked and spanked, prepared to see her get dicked down like the slut she is! Juan Lucho is prepared to face fucks the tiny beauty until spit is running down her brow, she’s hungry for longer and also the guests pull out cupcakes to crush on her tits, ass, and face while Juan proceeds to nourish the starving cumslut his fat cock. Nala is taken down from the ceiling and also then thrown into the stocks where she’ll stay still as she’s fucked from behind. Her friends hold her face in their hands as they inform her she fucks better if Juan cannot see her face a sucks her rear and also teases Juan while her utilizes Nalas moist pussy. She wants to be allowed out from the stocks and the real work starts, after she’s! They push her body to the limitation controlling her to remain pliable while she wakes up and down Juan Luchos throbbing dick, as the audience works into a frenzy Juan pushes her down and makes her spread her big ass so he can pay her pink hole . Mona pulls her to the street where she is forced to spread her cheeks by the street so the world can admire her from the inside out, as passersby look on in disgust, Nala is proud to become an exposed whore!

Date: October 9, 2019
Porn stars: Juan Lucho / Lady Nala / Mona Wales
Category: Slave

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