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Poor little Sophie.

She is abandoned by sister Dee and that she thinks that PD, of all people, will return to her rescue. Well, it doesn’t take her long to realize what a mistake THAT was. If she thought that being tied up and ignored on the ground was humiliating and debilitating, exactly what he is going to do will be just intolerable. He’s got a few interesting ideas about the best way best to clean up such a dirty slut. She’ll discover soon enough that guys don’t exist to meet her needs. They have demands of their own, and now Sophie will be the one giving the satisfaction all. She’ll suck, fuck and cum command; anything is necessary to make him joyful. What PD wants is a bitch. What Sophie desires does not matter. She has been got by him on lock down. Places and the apparatus PD includes are far more than bitches may take. A mop and A few shackles make her clean and a few dildos are excellent for making Sophie feel dirty. She’s just like a pig on a spit with rubber cocks in both finishes. He dominates her nipples and leaves her dancing for him and his whip. She spends some time locked getting her cunt vibrated while she whimpers for mercy. Every movement PD makes is calculated to maximize the impact on her body and her head. Poor Sophie. She never stood a chance.

From: Infernalrestraints.com
Date: January 11, 2020
Porn stars: Sophie Ryan
Category: Bondage

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