Licking Her Girlfriend’s.. –


Alyssa sexily undresses Eufrat, its slow and sensual as she savours every inch of her flesh being revealed. They step in the bath and Alyssa sits behind Eufrat with legs wrapped around her lover and holding tight. They kiss as Alyssa squeezes Eufrats plump bosom, letting her fingers slide through the wet surface as they knead it. She reaches round to grab Eufrats bum as it stands out of the water, the bottom of her cheeks framed by the bubbles of the bath. Eufrats breasts are really an impressive sight, she has so many other fantastic qualities that they can easily be forgotten, but Alyssa spends time really taking in the awesome view one gets kneeling before a goddess like Eufrat with a such a heavenly figure. Once Eufrat has completely soaped-up Alyssas body she has her up on the edge of the bath so she can get to her pussy and do what she wants with it. She pulls the labia up firmly, exposing the clitoris and splashes water on it, making the easily aroused Alyssa shudder a little at the impact and vibrations. After orgasm, Alyssa spreads the ass of Eufrat as she fingers her, who looks back smiling into her eyes before she decides to use the shower head on her own clitoris, sending ripples of pleasure through her insides.

Date: June 17, 2019
Porn stars: Alyssa Reece / Eufrat Mai
Category: Fingering

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