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Talk about graphic toilets! Misstress T sits on the kitchen island, her boy toy is lying on the ground and she’s looking at her genitals. She says, “YouA’re so captivated by it,” while she reveals her delicious bung hole. YouAre a man of ass, but your ass drives you insane. doesnA’t it?” She continues. He shakes his sweet, tender booty and she says that he may think he is dead and has gone to heaven to be able to worship her. He licks it, and she says that she was specifically looking for someone like him to corrupt completely. You would do any thing for me wouldn’t you? He asks her. He responds by telling her that she had been reading his journal. She knows they have a hate-love relationship. She says “IA’m an affluent bitch,” repeating phrases he had written. She boldly declares, “But your conflicted, I turn you on, youA’re not going anywhere and youA’ll do whatever I say.” He is then told by her that she knows he’s addicted. She is going to teach him how to use the full bathroom. Although we won’t reveal the whole story, you’ll be hooked as soon as you watch the scene. Mistress T transforms him from fearing the toilet to wanting to cover her stomach every time she has to empty her bladder. He is now Mistress TA’s permanent and full-time toilet.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: August 17, 2022
Category: Teen

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