Making Him Squeal –


Mistress Xi can be a creative sadist. The slave presented her cock and his balls on a plate to Mistress Xi, who is prepared to make him laugh using many techniques. He is able to paddle his balls, then she separates them by punching him with her fist. She pinches and stretch the skin until the owner gasps in pain. To flatten and squish his testicles she uses her platform shoe. She then makes use of her stiletto to dig into the balls and cock from different angles. Even though he is in extreme pain, the slave continues to be a slave. Xi kicks him repeatedly using the platform of her shoes, causing pain and then she applies full weight to his knees. He starts screaming like a strike pig, and she has him singing at pitch only a child choir boy can achieve. Miss Xi’s only just getting started.

Date: September 11, 2022
Category: Feet

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