Marsha May’s Chastity Training –


Marsha May knows that you spend hours every day staring at her videos and pictures, of being in her life, dreaming. But laugh with her girlfriends and the way Marsha allows dicked beta guys like you to be in her presence is as a chastity servant for her to humiliate! Marsha tells you what your life in chastity will be like: begging for permission to cum while she teases you along with her sexy body, also wearing a collar, secured in a chastity device. Marsha starts pleasuring himself making you watch helplessly while locked on your own cage. But after she cums, Marsha is a surprise to you: she places the vibrator beneath your balls that are locked up until you cum in your chastity cage! Marsha orders you to scoop your cum up, laughing at the humiliation that you will endure just to be about .

Date: October 9, 2019
Porn stars: Marsha May
Category: Masturbation

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