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From the Personal Fact epic Singularity, Lynn Stone is a starship commander having a desire for cock! Her spaceship travels through a cosmic void bringing the crew to a religious kingdom! Lynn Stone spreads her legs and gets her tight ass pussy eaten by one while her robot crew watches, stud. Lynn Stone has him becoming involved by licking at her clit while she provides her stud a dull and slow blowjob. Out cum the toys! Lynn Stone filled with anal beads plus a vibrator and has her holes fucked. With her pussy nice and wet, her throat opens up and provides her studs a dual blowjob to receive them hard and ready for fucking. Then, the robot chooses her from behind giving her a anal while she is being spit roasted. She climbs on top and gives one man an ass ride while sucking on some robot penis Following the guys have swapped places. This slut enjoys two at the exact identical time, she chooses some hardcore DP before carrying a cum shot that is dual at a 69 position and launching wide.

From: Blacktgirls.com
Date: July 24, 2020
Porn stars: Mikayla Taylor
Category: Penetration

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