Milly sings as she strips.. –


Naughty girls Abby and Tamzin have certainly learnt their lesson. They have learnt that if they cheat, Ms Darcy will give them the best type of punishment imaginable – multiple mind-blowing orgasms! Now all thats left is to apologise and find a way to make it up to their stern principal. Ms Darcy has been doling out punishment all day long, now it is her turn to receive some pleasure.Her naughty students are ganging up on her in the staffroom Abby gets down on her knees and eats Ms Darcys hairy ginger muff until the principals pussy is dripping and her orgasm is hard and fast. Then down on the floor, Ms Darcy spreads her ass wide for Tamzin to lick while she takes another taste of Abbys hairy pussy. It seems that at this school there is a very fine line between punishment, and pure ecstasy!

Date: October 11, 2020
Porn stars: Milly
Category: Hairy

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