Mummy and Daddy –


Clyve looked a lot like the character in The Mummy. We all thought so. Clyve also brought along a friend: MenOver30.comA’s Slater Reed. ClyveA is accompanied by blonde hairy Slater, who in a highly sexually charged scene reminds us that opposites can sometimes produce the strongest attraction. He quickly unwraps ClyveA and squeezes his solid, smooth chest. Slater then takes ClyveAs tongue into his mouth. Clyve quickly gets Slater to his shorts in order to see his target. Slater stands up and looks at his prize, the tube steak from ClyveA that seems to be bursting open his pants. ClyveA’s legs are licked up and he tastes the crunch of the boxer shorts. ClyveA then runs his hands down the jockeys of SlaterA to reveal the hole that you can feel in the inside. Clyve pulls Slater up and licks his neck. Clyve pulls Slater up and licks his neck. SlaterA is fed his cock while ClyveA is eating SlaterAs food. SlaterAs hunger for more becomes almost primal. SlaterA’s rock-hard cock is rocking as he rides fast, purposefully and deep on ClyveA’s meat. ClyveA’s body is rocking as both men moan. ClyveA is now an inch or more larger than we ever have seen before. ClyveA covers his head with heavy loads and the cock doesn’t go soft even when Slater comes in to give him a kiss.

From: menover30
Date: September 21, 2022
Category: Gay

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