Muscle hookup gone wrong –


Nick Capra, a muscular hunk has seen Conner Halsted at the town boy bar. Conner is brought back by Nick to his home and Conner realizes that he needs to go somewhere else when Nick becomes a bit aggressive. He can’t make it back to his door because Nick has tied his hands behind his head and put a gag inside his mouth. Conner, helpless, begs Nick to save him. But no one is able to hear the boyAs screams, as Nick pulls out his uncut cock. ConnerA was then tormented by the paddle in his ans, before being covered with hot wax. Nick refuses to restrain himself and rams Nick’s fat cock into ConnerAs ass. He then covers him with cum, before letting the boyAs suck all of it.

From: boundgods
Date: September 26, 2022
Category: Domination

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