I am tired of my lovely 21 year-old Latina neice Lucy thinking she is a lesbian. This is Exquisite Lucy is dressed to the nines in a gorgeous shiny black and silver dress and acute & she;so waiting for the date to the prom. I hear a car horn outside and a knock at the door. It´therefore freaking dyke Vanessa arriving to select on up Lucy. I get rid of this lesbian bitch and tell Lucy to have a drink . We sit in the bar and unfamiliar to Lucy, she won’t be going to the prom night. I give her drink and hispanic Lucy starts to feel light. Poor thing – her head slumps on the bar. Well, well, well missy – without a neice of mine is going to be a carpeting eater!!!! You won’t be going with that dreadful bull dyke girl to your prom. You will not be dreaming about licking. Nobody in my amily is really a dyke!! Not in my life time bitch!! I begin to rope Lucy up to the bar stool. Her arms tied – wrists restrained and elbows brutally smashed together. Her sexy vuloptuous thighs and sexy high heel stilettos jump to the legs of the stool. I wake up he and instantly Lucy provides me lip – fighting in the chair and cursing me away. I put a clothes pin on her tongue and then that shuts her up real good. Awwwwwww does that harm your little cunt lapping tongue?? I wrap her head over and over with silver duct tape and then shove a wet bar rag. Lucy is infuriated and begins to know her fate – no prom to you tonight!!!

Date: November 27, 2019
Category: General porn

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