Nomad – The Beginning –

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Bound and blindfolded, Nomad awaits with a bit gag in his mouth as Van strategies, punching the boy’s chest. The blindfold is removed because Nomad endures a flogging, turning his pale skin glowing red. From the roman bathtub using a pillow case in his head, Nomad has his hands bound behind his back with weights tugging on his balls. Van tactics with a harvest in hand as he moves Nomad to his feet and also attaches clamps all over his chest. He beats the boy down with the harvest, adding more and more weights into his balls as his beating continues. Nomad is then presented with durian fruit at his feet as he’s ordered to kneel along with this sharp pointy fruit. After getting a nasty mouthful of the durian fruit, Nomad’s hosed down with blasts of water spraying on in the face as he is bound in the seat. After enduring persistent torment, Nomad’s challenged to finally dismiss a load from his aching penis.

Date: January 11, 2019
Porn stars: Nomad
Category: Gay porn

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