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Were in for a treat, as Stella, the busty, cute teen next door finally decided to experience a more intimate session with Charlotte! Stella has never even kissed a girl before, so this is a big step for her… and they saved it all for the camera. We first see them at a popular stadium area, and watch the girls make out in their pretty dresses & wedges. They arent wearing any panties, and we get nice upskirt views as they play and touch each other, as well as suck on each others big breasts! After the risky public nudity, they go to a more comfy bedroom, and get physically initimate with each other for the first time. Getting naked, they explore each others bodies, and get really physical with each others breasts; then start playing and stretching each others labia with their mouths and fingers. Stella ends up on the recieving end, and as Charlotte goes down on her, it gets more and more stimulating for her, and she has a suprisingly erotic orgasm! Its Charlottes turn next, and even though Stella is inexperienced, she does an admirable job of going down on Charlotte, and ends up bringing her to orgasm … a rather strong, back-arching, toe-curling kind! Then Stella sits on Charlottes face for a little more oral fun…. Charlotte wants to introduce Stella to the Vibraking Toy, and show her how amazing orgasms are with it, so on the bed she masturbates with it while Charlotte is caressing her, and wow is the orgasm strong! Its Stellas turn next, and shes nervous about it, but to her surprise, she enjoys it immensely, and ends up having one of the loudest and strongest orgasms of her life! Later that evening, they end up at the pool, having fun and playing games; they also did a synchronized peeing scene… Somehow they manage to trespass on a resort pool area, and end up swimming naked and using the waterpark there at night — and we get some sexy underwater video as well. The next morning, Charlotte wakes up Stella, and takes her to the living room where she surprises her with a birthday special — yes, Stella was turning 19 that weekend! It gets a little kinky, and they end up dancing together — then Charlotte records Stella masturbating with the Eroscillator toy to another strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. They enjoy a cake together and use the whipped cream on their bodies… Back outside, theyre wearing more sexy outfits and visit a resort for some more heavy kissing, then getting naked and walking around in the nude in the heat. Stella has to pee… Going indoors, it becomes a penetration video when Charlotte uses a dildo on Stella in doggy, then the roles are reversed with Charlotte aiming for an orgasm together with glass toy penetration. It is amazing to see a teen like Stella experience her first girl, going all out, and becoming surprisingly good at it, especially when its her best friend. Happy Birthday Stella, and Happy New Years to the members!

Date: October 5, 2020
Category: Outdoors

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