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Gorgeous femdom Venus Lux is. Delivery boy Damien Moreau comes with Venuss prototype bondage device. He apologizes for the delivery and offers to help Venus test out her new apparatus. Venus disposition has significantly improved. She’s a great deal of things she can be helped by her delivery boy as long as he is an amazing boy. Damien claims that, yes maam, he is an obedient boy. Stripped nude, clamps on his nipples and bound to the unit, he finds himself entirely helpless. Venus undresses down to her sexy black lingerie, showing him exactly what he needs to worship. Soon she is more than revealing, as she rubs her ass in Damiens confront. She sucks on his nipples that are clamped. Slaps his face. Slaps his balls. Slaps, pulls on and squeezes his balls. All Damien may say is thank you. Venus pulls out her hard cock and strokes it inches out of Damiens face. Taunting him with hints that she would put her cock into his prepared and willing ass, but maybe not just yet. She stuffs her foot. All 5 toes stuffed in his hungry mouth. Damien guarantees VIP service from today on. Venus squeezes her foot back curious to see his or her deep-throating abilities and is tired of his apologies. Shes while she strokes her cock having too much fun watching him suffer, pulling on his nipple clamps. Hes fell to a whimpering obedient boy. Venus grants Damien of sucking on on her cock, the chance , so long as he makes it sloppy and nice. She goes balls deep into his little bitch mouth. Till he is gasping for air, she fucks his face tough. He is here to worship her tight penis and also, he sucks Venus balls when she demands. Venus is she is sexy and ready to fuck her boys juicy hole that is obedient. He is entered by her on the sofa, then sets him doggy-style, while she drops her penis against his raw ass. Damien yells out thank youpersonally, he has never felt it so deep. She requests her boy back missionary style, to the couch. Damien he must ask for permission before he thinks of coming is warned by her. Damien begs to cum Using Venus nylon covered toes on her sexy cock along with his mouth in his ass. “Take that fuckin load for me, you fucking little bitch.” Damien gets back on all fours for Venus. She asks him if hes prepared for her load and tickles her cock deep within his ass. She offers it to him. Pumping every drop of cum deep into his now additional sexy hole. Thank you maam. Youre welcome.

From: Tsseduction.com
Date: April 14, 2019
Porn stars: Damien Moreau / Venus Lux
Category: Shemale

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