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This is what occurred on this day in temperatures that are ascend to match the album, although the tables closes and starts to shoot off Georges trousers! Following a brief massage George found himself being undressed by the horny Pink and before you could count to 3 her mouth had been yanking onto his rock hard penis, and enjoying every suck. As far as George was worried that it was”game on” so that he placed Pink on her knees with her hot round bum in the air and rapidly proceeded to slip his cock inside her little hole. Pink was insatiable and laid on her side, so she could get more of Georges meat deeper within her dripping 25, George spooning. Obviously this was a real jolt for George who generally leads the way but that he wasnt complaining and neither were people – it was away from the thermometer!

From: Massagerooms.com
Date: October 24, 2019
Porn stars: George Uhl / Lady Pinkdot
Category: Blowjob

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