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Alexander & Rego are a couple for some time and they’ve decided to take their relationship to a different level. Rego shows Alexander a couple photographs of Tommy Regan whos only moved in living on the first floor of their apartments. Rego informs Alexander the Tommy will arrive shortly. Tommy shows up into the room and all of them discuss some small talk before engaging in a sexy kiss. They soon have Tommys clothes off and since they swap blow tasks with each other they begin to research his body. As every one takes turns kissing and sucking each other, the strength increases. Tommy gets bent over the bed like Rego rims his ass while Tommy continues to suck on on Alexander veiny dick. Alexander says that he wishes to watch Rego fuck Tommy, but Tommy wants to watch Rego fuck Alexander first. Rego begins to fuck Alexander revealing Tommy just his cock will feel in his ass. While the fucking proceeds their hands roam along with the ones are sucking or getting blown. Alexander subsequently fucks Tommy long and deep as he excels in delight. Tommy is so turned on by Alexanders cock into his ass that he shoots his own load all over himself and Alexander and Rego add their loads into his chest that was creamy.

From: Menover30.com
Date: November 13, 2019
Category: Amateur

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