Part 2 of Deep Woods.. –


Diane is not an ordinary robot. Diane was once a sex robot who roamed the Earth until her death. She then died in an unidentified California landfill. Diane is now being recruited by the outer-world to perform their sexual enslaving. Ashlynn meets Diane for the first time at night, when she arrives in the forest where Ashlynn has been camping. Diane seduces Ashlynn using specially-designed machines that allow for the most intense orgasms. Ashlynn, who isn’t your typical girl, gives Diane an endless show till she is exhausted. Here’s Part 2. Dianne takes Ashlynn to the magnificent ridge, high above the trees in the scorching sun. Diane triumphantly tries to get away from Ashlynn, but she slips and loses her feet. Gia DiMarco, who happens to be walking by, is DianeA’s only hope for rescue. GiaA or DianeA’s luck? It all depends on what you think of it. While Gia is outside fucking machines, you can watch her spray pussy juice until she turns the hillside into a waterpark. Have a happy Halloween

From: fuckingmachines
Date: September 16, 2022
Category: Anal

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