Part 2 of Odette Delacroix.. –


This is Part two of Odette Delacroix live Sexually series. The Brutal challenging hour and 20 minutes of nonstop pure rough sex and bondage on the net.We have tiny Odette strapped over a seat, her pussy and throat in ideal height to become ruined from both ends. The bondage makes her totally helpless, and also the non stop throat banging and fucking send her into deep sub-space. We fuck her till she collapses. Constant fucking, deepthroating orgasms! It s astonishing how much a five ft, cock can take, but the point was found by us. As we all fuck our toy in to LA LA land nothing such as controlling a sex monster from the neck, A belt round Odettes little neck makes all the difference. Odette her bitch and the world is right again is made by dee Williams. Tired of your rough sex and bondage scenes destroyed by talking, unneeded and slapping. Cock is the only thing that we punish our girls and it magnificent!

Date: June 26, 2019
Porn stars: Odette Delacroix
Category: Bondage

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