I’m the CFO of a company am engaged in a really important discussion with a foreign business in order to sign up a contract and producing shoes and clothes for military associations. The contract will be a win for the corporation and I want to shut on it today. I am waiting for a representative of the government close the deal. Of my paperwork has been prepared by me including my sexy attire dressed in a blouse along with skin tight pencil skirt. I check the documents when the agent arrives. We sit on the sofa and the deal starts. From checking the numbers, I try to divert the man I show off my stimulating legs all wrapped up in sexy strappy sandals and while I acute; m talking to him. The negotiations aren’t going how I expected. We’re unable to attain an agreement regarding the compensation as well as the shipping deadline. The rep stubborn and becomes rather rude and when the contract appears to fly off, I start to fear. I suggest a compensation that is personal if he will sign the paperwork. He doesn´t calls off the deal and care whatsoever. As a final attempt, I attempt to bargain with my merchandise – my entire body – and request him to accompany me. He agrees but that he suddenly overpowers me throwing me onto the mattress and hugely and painfully binds my arms with alot of rope out of my elbows to my own chest when we enter the bedroom. Cry asking why he’s doing this and I start to sob, but he gives no answer and remains silent as he brutally binds my legs with rope from my upper thighs all of the way back to my ankles that are crossed. I beg him for mercy pleading that my hands and arms are numb. He shoves on a huge ballgag into my mouth and palms layer upon layer upon layer of silver duct tape across my head. He hogties me and I shout out under the gag due to the pain that is acute He reveals he isn’t the representative of that authorities, but an outlaw compensated to transparency the contract. I’m distressed to salvage the bargain and try to speak and to move but I am gagged nicely that I can only create grumbles and no movement due to the ultra-tight bondage. Frustration, pain and Stress conquer me and I start to tremble. My attempts to struggle are futile. I hear someone enter my home. It is. She is very time somebody enter in your home. It’s my secretary Alexandria Star through the rooms in my home calling my name out and that I listen to her walking. I’m afraid of what he will do when she sees me. Himself is hidden by the man and put a mask on his face. My secretary finally hears my shouts and enters my bedroom. She is shocked to discover me bound and gagged. She yells Oh my god what attempts to remove my gag and has happened to you bad Gigi. But unexpectedly the guy enters the room, overpowers Alexandria and retains a rag over her mouth and nose. I watch in fear as her body slumps to the ground along with the masked man drags her out her body out of the area… TO BE CONTINUED. This is where part one ends and part two will begin.

Date: October 9, 2019
Category: General porn

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