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Having just added candle number 30 Jay Armstrong is a new part of the table. Jay started life out as a good ole country boy and traces of that still resonate from the enormous helping of the southern gent that was all-grown-up. Jay has awakened his three years with a variety of stops along the way to his resumethat of a boy on stage as a handful of porn movies, a warrior, and a brand-new entrance. Though on the receiving end, Jays new function as a partner included a role as a top too, and he explained it was his hubbys heiney that he fantasized about when he shot his load. Talking of loads, the nuclear-injected semen bomb he taken well over his head and nearer to the ceiling after which the ground lays testament to the good shape that mans buttocks should take, but we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves because Jay got to critical mass is half the fun.Quickly pitching off his army cap, we see the serpents inked to his forearm dance as Jay lifts up his shirt gradually from the floor, unveiling a pair of lean abs and also quite smooth pecs, however a dark brown and amazingly dense crop of fur beneath each arm. As he shows his back to the camera, with his shaved pate, marked arms along with the phrase Blessed inked in large letters from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, so it’s not difficult to envision him like he is a jar head, under the showers because his ship charters off to another port. His khakis do not stay on long, and the waistband of the fighters barely clinging to those well-worked obliques and incorporating a bulge ahead that’s definitely stirring with signals of life greets us. As he enriches his shorts to expose his buttocks and puts to the bed, we are greeted by a rounded white, and pair of glutes that beckon into the paradise with a invitation within. With an ass this perfect, it is no wonder Jay states he’s largely a base, as anything that beautiful going unfilled would be heaven lost indeed.Starting from the feet on his solid, hairy legs, we travel up inch by inch until Jay unveils seven thick, spongy inches. Jay has the type of cock that gets heavy if he’s soft. We can just picture that meat when he was on boat flopping around inside the white problem boxers. But we’d like him better with this meat in his palms, on our mattress. Knowing that when he turns over and receives on all fours, he is imagining himself committing the new hubby a much anticipated welcome-home fuck, and knowing hubby also sees exactly what we view, notably that black, tight hole opening up as Jay pulls back, we’re sure that long afterwards, it’s bottoms up times two. Back at Ground Zero, it isn’t long until Jay reaches his meltdown down below and fires off.

Date: February 3, 2020
Porn stars: Jay Baight
Category: Gay porn

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