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Dirk Caber brings Damien Moreau to his play space and pushes the boy’s face. Neither one willing to submit, Damien and Dirk go back and forth to ascertain who in control. Dirk grabs Damien’s hands and overpowers the boy, locking them up. As Damien cries for mercy, mr Caber kneels down to Damien’s rock hard penis and bites down on it. He is then attracted to get Dirk to his knees to teach him a lesson on how to suck penis. Damien swallows his master’s penis as Dirk beats down the boy into submission. Suspended in the air, Damien swings back and forth prior to pulling him down to penis elevation since Dirk pulls him. He pushes his hard prick with electrodes stuck into his thighs before pushing an electrical butt plug Damien’s ass down the boy’s throat. Damien cock throbs as he’s chained to the wall to get a flogging and let down as electricity strikes. As Dirk defeats on the flogger and him together the space fills. Chained down on the mattress using a ball gag in his mouth, then the hole of Damien has been introduced for the cock that was hard of Dirk. He fucks Damien with him suck it clean and hard in the ass before spraying his cum all.

From: Boundgods.com
Date: March 1, 2020
Porn stars: Damien Moreau / Dirk Caber
Category: Gay porn

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