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It is a sad day indeed when a House Slave is sent back into the basement. The House rules, the positions, the subject – these things are in place because of this. They supply a coherent structure, a feeling of business, they are the backbone of the home. A House Slave that is correctly functioning is more than the hole to fuck, more than a fuck slut. There is A House Slave a Symbol for the Traditions of this Leather Culture. A nod to the Elders. A House Slave is a reminder that we’re all servants to something greater than ourselves. It is our Duty when this Symbol is tarnished. To decide on that degraded slave up and enhance it. Polish it. Permit it. But , it must be Punished.Lyla Storm’s current operation on TheUpperFloor.com has been a humiliation to the House. She’s a disgrace for her uniform and to her place. She has been divided to Trainee out of Senior House Slave of the Upper Floor in the Basement. She’s defective. She not only broke the rules, she does not even recall what the rules are. I take this affront and I believe it my personal duty fix this broken object of property.The Defect is burnt and humiliated to comprehend that she had been really and Bad Girl. She is to be ripped down and re-built again. By the time we’re through she will never forget these 3 small words : Honorific, Eyeline, Deportment.Her cunt and mouth are reamed with a enormous rubber cock, her body is tied, twisted and leaping into horrible positions of pain and endurance. Her climaxes are overwhelming and refused. She is made to sweat buckets and squirt on puddles of juice outside onto our flooring that was filthy. She’s a bad girl. But she will get much better.

From: Thetrainingofo.com
Date: April 7, 2019
Porn stars: Lyla Storm
Category: Slave

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