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As this scene unfolds, Mistress Rachel sits on a stool at the bar. The slave wakes up to find that he has been bound to the stool by his master. He will soon be kissing his stomach and sniffing out her farts, she tells him. She says, “AEURoeI love farting on guys’ faces.” The slave is told by her that Irene, her sister is crueler than she but is also more gassy. Her amazing bubble butt makes the slave’s head look so small. He pushes his head against her cheeks, and he lets out some nasty liquidy fart. It feels great to release gas, and she asks her slave whether it smells good. After being in her genitals for a while, she releases him and he can’t help but inhale it deeply. He is then instructed to touch her cheeks as she creates another fart. As another fart explodes in her face, he says “aEURoe I feel one more coming.” He struggles to breathe as she pulls him in close.

She pushes the slave away and lets another one run right at her command. As the smell of fart fills his nose, the slave grumbles. She pulls her nose back into her crack, and informs him that she’ll eventually have to fart. However, she believes heaEUR(tm), is a poor eater. There are some amazing angles taken from both above and below which really showcase RachelaEUR(tm). You will wish you were there to take her farts to her face. Rachel asks her slave to picture IreneaEUR ™’s head being between his and RachelaEUR(tm). What a thrilling experience that would be. The look on RachelaEUR ™’s face when she realizes that RachelaEUR(tm), is going to fart again, can be seen. He pulls in his hair and then comes out as she farts. She tells him to aEURoeEat the fartaEUR. He eats a little bit and she then pushes her back to give his sinuses another blast. As the air becomes thicker, she waves her hand. She says, “aEURoeItaEUR ™s fart HeavenaEUR.” Rachel suggested that Rachel could fart on him, and once he’s gassed almost senseless her sister could then come to beat him. Finally, aEURoeHeaEUR ™ is right there he belongs. Rachel responds and follows up with another fart.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: September 17, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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