Reciprocal Anal –

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Bellina and Generosa (blonde) kiss passionately in bed because they remove each others lingerie and suck each others nipples. Then Generosa lies back, and Bellina delivers a copious amount of spit onto her pussy before finger fucking her with three fingers. She then rolls Generosa onto her side, and she elevates her index and middle fingers into Generosas pussy while inserting her ring and pinkie fingers into Generosas ass. Subsequently Generosa lies back, along with Bellina palms her in the ass using two hands while Generosa strokes her own Clitoris. Subsequently Bellina licks and sucks Generosas clit while finger fucking her buttocks, bringing Generosa to orgasm. Subsequently Bellina slides back and retains her pussy spread very wide while Generosa finger fucks her with two fingers. The girls do more kissing, and then Bellina gets on top of Generosa and sits on her face. Generosa fingers Bellina at the ass while licking her pussy to climax. Then the girls kiss and cuddle.

Date: January 10, 2019
Porn stars: Bellina / Generosa
Category: Fingering

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