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28-year-old Gabriel might be the export to come from Hungary because goulash. And with ripped a sculpted face body , and thick, eight inches, we’re convinced he is equally as tasty. We aren’t positive if Gabriel started working out every other day simply to develop a strong enough body to drift around with a piece of meat this big without toppling over, or did he really do it just to get within his daily dose of their necessity to seed? I really like sexual intercourse, he also proclaims and I spank the monkey every day. After seeing the tube in his trousers inch its way from the starting point of his crotch into the end point half way-plus down his thigh, it is obvious Gabriel is much greater than ready for his everyday dose of sexerciseboy and boy has he ever cum to the ideal place!As he lifts his shirt, it is similar to the opening curtain rising on scene that’s nothing short of magnificent. His shoulders are broad, his pecs are round, his palms are beefy, his chest is smooth, and the sharp-angled lines of his obliques push your eye precisely where it wants to goto the packed bulge of his shorts, bulging with the promise of something big and hungry for your attention. As Gabriel turns around to show a flaringly-wide, well-worked back, the crack in between a round buttocks with muscle it appears like it may deflect a round of machinegun fire and remain untouched, comes in to perspective. We are treated to all those powerful orbs in motion as he melts on the sofa before rolling and putting eight hot inches on display under a trimmed bush and above a pair of balls which mimic the state of that two-fisted dick: tight, bloated, and oozing with all the liquid guarantee that only a guy this delicate, this buff, and this sexy, and this suspended can offer.Gabriel looks like a statue of a Greek Deity come to life with every muscle in excellent motion with the singular objective of sending out the pleasure to each inch of his body by simply stroking that big dick. As Gabriel standshis balls are so tight they disappear into the base of the shaft, which juts out so far ahead of him it looks like a arced, thick tree branch that exists independent of their trunk. His penis bobs and weaves through the air, just begging to be worshipped. Since he turns and strokes out behind, the view of that meat hanging heavy between those globes is a vista that can make you weak in the knees. As Gabriel moves to the ground, we get a close up view of his shiny, pink cockhead because it completely sheds its covering of the skin, opens wide at the slit, also sends a thick white blast that puddles down onto his still heaving stomach.

Date: November 14, 2019
Porn stars: Gabriel
Category: Gay porn

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