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Im Vanessa Vidal, a milf housewife whos husband would rather play golf with his friends than take care of his womans needs. Is it any wonder that I go out in search for huge black cocks? The gear shift in my car wasnt as nearly as big as the monster black cock I came across during my daily prowls. If my husband had a big enough dick to make me happy then I wouldnt be unfaithful to him but hes white so its encoded in his D.N.A to be a sexual failure. Black dick which is roughly half my age is the only reason I get out of bed in the morning and the reason Im sore at night. I attacked that black penis like a starving black cock slut and jammed it down my throat until I nearly vomited this mornings breakfast. I could tell that my new black boyfriend would treat my white slut pussy the way it was meant to be treated and he didnt fail me by the way it turned beet red by the non-stop pounding he dished out.

From: Nubiles.com
Date: July 24, 2020
Porn stars: Ricky
Category: Hairy

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