Roommate Humiliation –


LexiA’s roommate, a jobless slob, has not been able pay rent in months. It is time for LexiA to learn from him. Lexi, her friends and their mother ask him how his job search is going. They strip him of all his clothing and refuse to accept his answers. This is how Lexi managed to get him to start job hunting seriously. He spends far too much time distracted by online porn. Maybe if he stops jerking off, he will finally be able to find work. They make fun of him and lock him in the solitary chamber. Lexi now has her cock right there, determined to make Lexi happy and get him out of his cage. Lexi tells him that he must clean the house. Normal clothes won’t do. Their new sissy was outfitted with a bra and panty as well as a wig and an apron. They take pictures of him humiliated, cross-dressed. They have to do the right thing or everyone will be able to see their incriminating photographs. It looks like Lexi and Mina have found a new mate.

From: femdomempire
Date: July 15, 2022
Category: Humiliation

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